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Little Shelford 1911 Census

                       Little Shelford 1911 census overview


These are the names included in the 1911 Census for Little Shelford. Little Shelford was actually included in the Newton section of the Census.

Addresses have been included where possible. Informed guesses have been included on addresses using other information about Little Shelford at that time.

The population of Little Shelford in 1911 was 465. Three pubs are named- The Plough (now the Navigator), the Chequers and the Prince Regent.

61 people stated that they were in service. 44 people were working in farms in and around the village.

Five people who are included in the Census were to die shortly afterwards in World War 1. They were Richard Arthur Carter, Walter Ernest Darley, Frederick Pearl, Sydney Charles Pearl and William Frederick Taylor. Their citations are included in the notes.


The Census included:

A blacksmith- Edward Elbourne

A baker – Charles Butler

A mushroom farmer – George Bagnall

A shoemaker – Charles Watson

Someone on parish Relief- Sarah Cox

A Barrister – Hugh Roberts (whose wife was American, but was born in Budapest)

A freelance journalist – Stanley Austin

Cecil Puddick who was born in Canada

Ann Pryor who couldn’t read or write, so signed her name with an X.

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