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Anne Fettiplace  was born on 16 Jul 1496 in Shelford Parva as Little Shelford was then known. She died on 16 Aug 1568. She married Edward Purifoy.

She is the United States President's 12-Great Grandmother, Winston Churchill's 11-Great Grandmother. Lady Diana's 13-Great Grandmother and David Cameron’s 15-Great Aunt.

Anne was named in the famous book, “Ancestral roots of certain American colonists who came to America before 1700”.

Her parents, John Fettiplace and Elizabeth Bessiles married in 1483 in Little Shelford.


Picture courtesy National Trust.


Their children were:


  1. John FETTIPLACE b: 1484 in Little Shelford

  2. Edward FETTIPLACE b: 1486 in Little Shelford

  3. Anthony FETTIPLACE b: 1488 in Little Shelford

  4. Susan FETTIPLACE b: 1490 in Little Shelford

  5. Jane FETTIPLACE b: 1492 in Little Shelford

  6. Thomas FETTIPLACE b: 1494 in Little Shelford

  7. Anne FETTIPLACE b: 16 JUL 1496 in Little Shelford

  8. Dorothy FETTIPLACE b: 1498 in Little Shelford,

  9. Mary FETTIPLACE b: 1500 in East Shefford, Berkshire

  10. Eleanor FETTIPLACE b: 1502 in Little Shelford

  11. Elizabeth FETTIPLACE b: 1505 in Little Shelford

Michael and William Fettiplace were descendants of Anne who helped found Jamestown in the USA in 1607. They were employed

by famous adventurer John Smith. Elinore Fettiplace published one of the first cookery books in the United States in 1604.



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