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Old photos & postcards of Garden Fields, Little Shelford


This when Garden Fields was known as Mount View Cottages. This area of land was originally the village recreation ground but in 1880 Col. K.G. Wale decided that it would be more beneficial for the area to be used as allotment gardens, prompting the name change. Mount View Cottages were extended in 1912 according to the Fanny Wale book a Record of Shelford Parva by local builder Frederick Marshall who lived on the corner of Newton Road. Their name  was derived from the view of the Obelisk or Maggots Mount from this area. From Great & little Shelford in Old Picture Postcards by Margaret Ward.


The unidentified woman featured in the above photo is Margaret Magoris. She was a family friend of my parents and aunt and uncle and grandmother who used to live in the village. She used to live in the cottage at the end of the last lane on the left as you come from Whittlesford, before encountering the Bridge Street and Church Street junction. She, her sister Mary who predeceased her, and all of the above, are buried at All Saints. Somewhere I thought I had read that her father had been a local GP.  Ed Crutchley

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