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All Saints Church, Little Shelford graveyard inscriptions

All Saints Church Little Shelford Gravestone memorial inscriptions



Alan Bullwinkle and Colin Norman



A note of visible and readable information, inscribed on Memorial Inscriptions (Mis), in the Church Yard and inside the Church during the second half of the year 2002.

This record was prepared from information observed 'on site', and by reference to two site plans. One is held at the Church; the second was drawn in 2002, for Cambridge Family History Society purposes. The Mis in the Churchyard are listed in the sequence of the CFHS site plan numbers, beginning from a point just East of the Vestry then in a generally clockwise route round the Churchyard   The Church Site Plan Reference numbers appear in italics after CFHS plan reference numbers.


Some information, shown in italics, taken from the Church site plan was not visible in the graveyard. Italics therefore will indicate where memorials may not have been erected or, as is the often case of kerb-stones, have become overgrown and obscured.

Reference numbering needs to be reconciled with the actual position of graves and the visible Mis. The plans, drawn separately, are approximate and have been matched so far as possible for this record. Grave locations indicated are approximate.

The Cambridgeshire Family History Society Site Plan is at the end of this booklet We acknowledge with thanks the permission and co-operation of the Rector Christopher Ash, the Churchwardens of All Saints Church, and all who supplied local information.

Closer examination of the memorials and inscriptions may reveal more information.

The record is held on computer disc and can be amended, or extended, as needed when more is available or may become apparent. There may be unintentional errors in the record of what we could see during the fine weather of the 'Season' before rain stopped play. We can only plead our human failings.

Alan Bullwinkle and Colin Norman December 2002.


ABBREVIATIONS are conventional as used by the CFH


A Headstone

A/E Headstone and Cross A/G Headstone and Kerbs B    Altar Tomb

C    Coped Stone

D    Chest Tomb (paneled sides E     Stone Cross

E/C Celtic Cross
EW Wooden Cross

F     Cruciform Coped Stone G     Kerb Stone

FS    Fool Stone
FH   Flower Holder
GS    Ground Slab
1/E   Iron Cross
OB   Open Book

b ■ bom
d = died


(   ) doubt about a name or a date.

IAMO  In Affectionate Memory Of
IRO            In Rememberance Of

ILRO             In Loving Rememberance Of

IARO        In Affectionate Rememberance Of STTMO Sacred To The Memory Of

HLTBO  Here Lies The Body Of

CMO     Cherished Memories Of

TMO      Treasured Memories Of

IMO               In Memory Of
TTMO To The Memory Of
TTDMOTo The Dear Memory Of
IELMO In Ever Loving Memory Of
ILMO     In Loving Memory Of


[... ] additional observation on occasion of recording


/       end of line on an Ml


                           Starting from East of the Vestry

1                    XI20              A                    TTMO Henry (Henrietta) [remainder


2                                           WP                 STTMO Thomas MITCHELL/ who fell

asleep in Jesus/ June 19) 1857 Aged 46/Also of his Sister/ Ann WILLINGS/ died Sept

27 1840 Aged 31/ "The memory of the just is blessed/ None but Jesus can do helpless sinners good"

3                    XI19              A                    STTMO/John KING/died Febl 1826/

Aged 54/ "Let this vain world engage no more/ behold the gaping tomb/ It bids us

seize the present hour/ Tomorrow Death may come" Also Jane his wife/ died April 12 [18...] Aged 76/Also their two infant children


4                     XI2 J              A                    ILMO Sarah BODGER/died May 18

1884/ Aged 72/ Also Alfred Richard/ the beloved husband of the above/ died May 22 1890/Aged 76

5                               X122                       A                              In Loving/ and most affectionate/

remembrance of/ John RICHES/ died May 18 1884/ aged 77

6                    XI23              A                    In Ever Loving/ memory of/ John

RICHES/ of Little Shelford/ bom Aug 8 1841/ died Oct 2 1897/ Let this vain world engage no more/ behold the gaping tomb/ It bids us seize the present hour/ Tomorrow Death may come/ Also Elizabeth/ Beloved wife of the above/ died A ug 8 1906/ Aged

68 "On that happy Easter moning/ All the Graves their dead restore/ Father Sister child and Mother/ meet once more"

7                     XI24              A                    IMO/ Mary WOOD (Woodley) died June

18 (1882) Aged 72

XI25                                     Eh: BRAN7[Part ofXI261]

8                     XI26              A                   ILMO/James BRAND/died June 12

1893/ Aged 76/ Also Susan his wife/ died Dec 25 1896/ Aged 76/ Blessed are the Dead which die in the Lord/ from henceforth/ yea saith the Spirit that they may rest from their labours

9                    XI27               A                    ILMO/ Mary Ann BRAND/ died Nov 17

1893/Aged 83

10                  XI42 [Base of missing cross] IMO/ Pisicilla Susan STALLON/ died

14 Aug 1885 Aged 90

1 1                                        Wr                 IMO/ Gilbet WIGMORE/ Doct in

Divinity/ who died Aug 16^11683/ Aged 72 years

12                            XI29                        A                              Dear Ann GEE/ for many years the

faithfull/ friend and nurse to the family/ of the late Colonel WALE/ died April 18 1907

1 3                 XI29              A                   lLRO/MaryHUTCHINSON/died4

May 1881/Aged 70

14                  XI30              A                   STTMO/ Charles GEE/ bom Jan 18

1883/ died May 8 1900/ Looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus/ Christ into eternal life



15                              XI3I
Nov3 1877/Age 58

16                             XI32

Weep not my children/ deare
1 7


A        ILMO/Mary Ann/Wife orCharles GEE/died


A                             Died July? Jan 4 1714 Aged (43/48?)


A               [Double headstone Left side] John HOWARD/


died 1819/ Age 61 [Right side] Constance HOWARD/ died 1823/5/ Age 89


FSJH1819CH 1823/25


18                  XI33              A                     / Rich. Gales HOWARD/(third) son of


(Henry) and          HOWARD/ died March 23 1810/ Aged 28


19                  XI37              A        STTMO/ Ann the daughter of/ Eliz. & Henry


HOWARD/ died Feb 28 1813 Aged (15)


20                  X141              A        STTMO/ Elizabeth the wife of/ Henry


HOWARD/ died Oct 10 1809/ Aged (44 or 77)


21                  XI36              A        TTMO/Peter ASHTON Tradesman/


died...      1802/Age 41


22                                         A        HLTBO Ann the/(wife) of John HOWARD/


(died 1713)


23                                         A HLT/ BO John son/ (             ) (HOWARD)/


departed this life/(                   )


24                                         A        HLT/BO [Illegible]


25                                         A        [Illegible] of/ John & Ann HOWARD/ died

March 27 (1732)/Aged (15)

26                                         A        TTMO/ Elizabeth the wife of/ Warren ADAMS/

died Aug (28) 1784/ Aged (27)

27                  XI32              E         ILMO/Emily Jane/wife of. Charles CLAY/or

Cambridge/ bom Nov 1 1832 died Oct 2 1897/Also of/ Charles John CLAY/ bom July2I827/diedJanl61905

28                  XI37              A        HLTBO/Ann HOWARD the wife of Henry

HOWARD/ who departed this life/ Hopeful of a joyfull/ (resurrection)... June

17... Aged 50

29                  XI38               A        HLTBO/Eliz & Ann (daughters) of/Henry &

Ann HOWARD/ [rest illegible]

30                  X140              A        IMO/ Henry HOWARD/ Tailor of St Andrews

Cambridge/died April 12 1801 Aged (59)

31                                         [By porch - an erroneous entry?]

32                                         GS      TTMO/ Solomon HORTON/ who died Feb 12

1791?/aged ?yrs

33                  X143              A        IMO/George GILLINGHAM/1835 -1904/

Katharine his wife/ 1855 - 1916/Their sons Edward James 1876- 1962/George

1879- 1915/ R.I.P.

34                   XJ44              A        [Skull]

35                  XI45              A        STTMO/Elizabeth BROOKS/died Aug 3 1862/

Aged 67/ "In the midst of Life we are in Death"

XI46 [Churchyard Cross]

36                   XI53              A        STTMO/Edward Knightly AUSTIN/youngest

son of the late/ Thos & Ann Ward/ Austin/ died Jan 31           18 88/ Aged 71

37                  XI52              A        HLTBO/Susan the wife of/Thomas AUSTIN/

died March 28 1800

38                  XI5I               A        TTMO/Thomas AUSTIN/died Nov 19(1813)/

in the 80yh year of his age/Also of (Ann) Illegible

39                   XI50              A        IMO/ Peter AUSTIN/ son of Thos & Ann Ward

AUSTIN/ died Nov 28 1874/ Aged 63

40                   XI50              A        IMO/Hariet AUSTIN/daughter of/Thos &

Ann Ward AUSTIN/ died Nov 28 1874/ Aged 63

41                  XI47              A        IMO/(Susan) AUSTIN/remainder illegible

42                  X148              A [Double]    [Illegible]

43                  XI58               A        [Illegible]

44                  X1S9              A        [Illegible]

45                   X156              A        [Illegible]

46                  XI59               EG+rai!ings    IMO/Athur William SMITH/of Kings

Parade Cambridge/ and of/ Westfield in this Parish/ bom July 25 1842 died May 15 1901




47                  XI54              G        ILMO Judith M ELBOURNE died March 19

1924 Aged 84/ Robert BRAZIER died March 27 1927 Aged 92/ Getrude Alice Mary

BRAZIER died Jan 30 1979/ Aged 83/ "Loved and Remembered"/ Charles

ELBOURNE died April 3 1908 Aged 77

XI55              GS       ILMO/ Ronald Sidney/ ALLEN/ died 22 Jan


On Right hand side of the path from the Church porch towards the gate.

48                  A6                  A        [Weathered]    IM/O/William JENNINGS/who

died Sep 11          1801? (or 1804) aged 19? (or 10) years                               {also Emma?)

49                                         A In memory [Weathered and largely sunken]

50                  A3                 A        IL/MO/James William/Walker/died 39"'June

1992/ aged 72/ and his wife Aileen Mary Jean who died 22nd November 2002

51                  A2                  A        ILM/O/Patrick James/LONG/died 1.5.1988/

aged 86

52                                                                WP           [On the southern wall of the Church

tower]" Within the palisades beneath are deposited the motal remains of Stephen

PIPER Esq/ native of Haverhill but late of Newmarket who died at the Manor House/ in this Parish April 7 1834/ aged 65 years/ What his character was/ will be best known at the Great Day/ Reader think what theirs may be"

53                  AI                  A        I/LM/0/CharlesJENNINGS/bomDecl3

1843/ At rest April 18 1914/ Until Ihe shadow for this earth is cast/ until He gather in His sheaves at last/ Good Night/ also Catharine JENNINGS/ died 18,h May 1952/ aged 78 years

54                  A5a                A+      ILMO/*Eric HAGUE/VALIANT FOR

TRUTH/ 3.7.1913 -24.10.2000/ Rector of this Paish 1869-76/"Jesus said: I am the

esurrection and the life" [*Two short vetical columns of Chinese characters]

55                                         A        1/ LMO/ a dear husband and father/ and

granddad/ Emest Jack William "(Jack)" TAYLOR/ 1909 - 2000 also/ his beloved

wife/ Winifred May TAYLOR/ (May)/1910-2000/ Reunited

56                                         A        [Weathered]

57                                         A        [Weathered] LMO/ John? CROW? age 60/ who

died June(or July) 17 1717? or 1757? [There could be more]

58                  A5                 AG     [Stone Cross on three plinths] IMO/Cyil/

Edward WALKER/ youngest son of/ Edward George and Sarah Louise WALKER/ and most beloved grandson/ of Joseph and E. Percy/ bom Dec 22 1883/ left this life Dec 20 1907

9                                                               A             [Weathered]

60                             AI                             A              [Weathered] Sacred to the Memory of Catharine

wire or Willm JENNINGS/ who died May 12 1785?/ aged 27 years

61                  A6A               A+      Cherished memories/ of a beloved/ husband and

father/ Frank Enest POULTER/ at rest April 11"' 1959/ aged 53 years/ In God's


62                                                    Phyllis Mary GIGGLEAlbcrt Charles/ GIGGLE

Separate Stone plate +ILMO/A wonderful couple/ Betty and Bet GIGGLE/ 1912 —

1999/Together forever

63                                                     [Combined with and as No. 65]

64                                         Stone plate U Tony Froste/1928-1990/ Lovingly


65                   A8                  Stone plate     ILMO/William Robert/BYATT/1911 -

1990/ Also/ Lydia Alexandia/ BYATT 1910-1998

66                                         Stone plate     In Memory of Amelia Doreen BLOY/

31.12.33 - 7.6.95

67                                         EW     George Richard/ BUCKLE/ died 22nd Jan 1998/

aged 77 years/ Stone plate - George Richard/ BUCKLE/ Dearly loved Husband/

Father and Grandfather/ 8* April 1920/ 22nd Jan 1999

68a                 A7                  A        ILMO/Henry Buckley/bom e* January 1912/

died 7th Novemberl982

68b                                                  IMO/ Edith COLE/ a dear Mother/ and Nan

69                  A9                  A        Helen Christine/WARNER/1907-1988/

W1ZZ/ ILM/ From all her family

70                  AW                A        ILMO/Christien Ann TAIT/a beloved wife

mother/ and daughter who died 23rd March 1978/ aged 37 years/ so sadly missed

71                  All                  A        Colin Rodney/ BLACK / 1926 - 1974/dearly

loved / husband and father

72                  A12                A        I/LMO/Edna Irene BUCKLEY/died 8th

January 1974/ aged 52 years

73                  A13                A        ILMO/Catherine ROGERS/beloved wife of

Rupet/ bom 30 April 1888 died 23 July 1973/ aged 85 years/ Forever with the Lord/ Rupert ROGERS/ reunited 14 June 1977/ aged 94 years

74                  A14                A        I/MO/William CHAMBERS/died April 23 rd

1885?/ aged 85 years/ also/ SUSAN his wife/ died September 23rd 18

75                              A15                           A              [Weathered and largely unreadable]


76                  A17                A        ILMO/Thomas SHERMAN/passed peacefully

to rest/ April 9th 1973 aged 76 years/ Resting where no shadows fall/ Loved and

remembered by us all/ Also ILMO/ May SHERMAN/ who died peacefully/January 1 8th 1992 aged 95 years/ Together again - God bless you both

77                  A18                A        ILMO/EMILY A. WAKEFORD/died 27 Feb


78                  A19                OB      ILMO/Our dear parents/Kate FLITTON/died/

15 December 1972/ aged 84 years/ Hubert FLITTON / died/ 20 May 1973 aged 82


79                  A20                A        IMO/HubcrtC. DUKE 1889-1972 husband or

Frances/ loving rather or Ann and Richard

A21                                      Audrey & William FLETCHER

80                  A22                A Roberta/ Wilhelmina/ Elizabeth JENNINGS/

died 31 si January 1972/ aged 61 years/ A beloved wife and mother/ Also a beloved husband/ and father/ Jack/ died 18th April 1985/ aged 70 years

81                  A23                A        ILMO/Janet Helen/CHURCH/1911-1972/

devoted and beloved/ wife and mother/ also her husband/ William Frank/ CHURCH/ 1903-1979/ Medical Missionary in Afica/ Doctor and Reader in this Paish/ With Chist/ for that's Tar better

82                  A24                A        I/LMO/Barry Raymond/PETERS/Called

suddenly to rest/ 8th January 1972/ aged 28 years

83                  A25                A IL/MO/ Ida Winifred/ DICKERSON/ died 8

May 1971/ aged 80 / also her husband/ Victor Alexander/ DICKERSON/ died 18 February 1976/aged 88

84                  A26                A        ILMO/Fred JACKSON/died 6lh November

1983/ aged 71 years/ A dear husband father/ and grandfather/ sadly missed/ Treasured memories of Gladys Rosina/JACKSON/passed away 13 12 1994 RIP
Separate Urn stone - From friends

85                  A27                A        I/LMO/Henry James/RIGNALL/1907-1971/

and his wife/ Annie Lillian Eliza RIGNALL/ (Nee TYRELL) /1905-1978/ parents of Peter Henry Charles/ Sydney John/ Anthony James

86                  A28                A        IMO/Alice Sarah/SEAMAN/died 6 Jan 1971/

aged 80/ and her husband/ Sidney SEAMAN/ DIED 15 July 1972/ aged 78

A29                           Isabella SMITH

87                  A30                A        Winired Mary/PLOMMER/1895 -1969

daughter of/ George and Harriette PULLIN/ of East Acton Middlesex/ widow

William Thomas/ PLOMMER/ or Dunkirk near Blean in Kent/ True to the kindred points/ or heaven and home

88                  A 31               A        I/LMO/Lillian Ethel LISTER Beloved Wife of

Benjamin James/ and dear mother of Mary/ who died 21s1 October 1969/ aged 60

years/ Rest in Peace/ Also/ Benjamin James LISTER/ who died 18 September 1993/ aged 85 years/ Reunited

89                  A32                EW     ILMO/Miss Ellen Mary MCKENZIE/aged 82

years/died 10* October 1969


90                  A 33               OB      Treasured memories/William Robert PEARL

1902-1969/ Eva JOAN PEARL/ 1905-1985

91                  A37                EW     ILM/Albert G. THOROUGH GOOD/1889?-

19??/ Edith THOROGOOD - Their memory brightens the lives of those who loved


A39                           George & Nellie LEW1N

92                  A40                A        I/L/MO Herbet RUGGLES/ Called to rest/

Sept 26* 1968/ AGED 82 years

93                  A41                A        Sidney Charles/ DOCKERILL DCM MM/ bom

11 Jan 1887/ died 24 Nov 1967/ Gone but not forgotten/ Also of ADA MAUDE

beloved wife of above and/ mother of NORA and MAURICE/ bom 2nd June 1883/ Died 27 January 1977

94                                         U        ILM/ William STEARN/ aged 78 years/ [on

reverse side] Ethel Getrude STEARN aged 7? years

95                  A42                EW     ILMO/Joseph William AUSTIN/Died 27th

June 1987/ age 86 years/ RIP/ and Eva May AUSTIN/ died 15th DECEMBER 1967/

age 69 years/ RIP

XI                              Edith CRACKNELL

96                  X2                  A        ILM/My Dear Husband/Robert Stanley/

ELLIS/ died 2nd December 1966/ age 70 years/ also Adelaide Mary ELLIS/ wife of the above bom 10th Septemberl899/ died 18th March 1987/ Sadly missed by all the family

97                  X3                  EW     Annette Leslie FRIEND/Daughter of Paul and

Helen/ died s"1 June 1966/ aged 24 years/ ILM

98                  -**                 A        IL/MO/Joy Beryl/NORMAN/Died 8th April

1966/ Aged 29 years/ She is not dead but sleepeth/ Luke 8.52

99                  X5                  EW     May Blakiston/ BAGNALL/ bom 1887 died

1966/ Hilda Mary Constance/ BAGNALL/ bom 1886 died 1980

100                A64                A        ILMO/Susan/The beloved wife of Joseph E.

FORDHAM/ who died October 8th 1912/ aged 53 years/ Her end was peace/ Death is no more a fightful foe;/ since I with Christ shall reign, /with joy I leave this world of woe/ For me to die is gain

101                           A63                           A              [Weathered stone] I/LMO Fanny/Beloved wife

of Grenville C AUSTIN/ and the beloved child and only daughter of/ Joseph & Susan FORDHAM/who died Sept 21 1912/aged 34 years/Death is no more a fightful foe/ since I with Christ shall reign/ With joy I leave this world of woe/ for me to die is gain

102                A38                A        I/MO/Elizabeth BRAND/who passed away/

January 7th 1892/ aged 68 years/ The cup was bitter The pain severe/ to part with

those we love so dear/ of suffering great she did not complain/ but trust in heaven to

meet again

103                A63                A        Sacred/to the Memory of/John/second son of

William and Emma WILLIAMS/bom Jan 20 1834/died Jan 31 1834/Also of John

third son of the above

104                                       FH      John WITHERS


105                                                           A        Jesus/ Mary BROWN bom 12 March 1867 died

29 July 1890/ and Elizabeth WARWICK/ wife of the late Thomas WARWICK/ who

died January 17 1864/ aged 74/ Also Mary Ann WARWICK/ who died October 25

1882/aged 83.

106                                                           E              [leaning on 105 any inscription not visible Dec


107                         A35                         FH      Stephen and Susan ELLIS/IS* Sept. 1977

A36                                          Irene CRACKNELL

108                         A 34                        A             1/ MO/ Lucy COALES/ who died July 22 1896

/aged 77 years

109                A59                A        1/LMO/Bertram Edward/MOORE/died 22nd

Feb 1974/aged 70 years

1                    10                   A58             OB      Sacred to the memory of Florance/ Louisa

HUTT/ A loving wife/ and mother/ who passed away/June 4lb 1974/ aged 83 years/

Athur/ Jack HUTT/ Who joined his/ beloved Wife/ on the 9th June 1978/ Aged 80

years/ Together always

1 1  1                 [NOTHING - MISNUMB ERED]

1                    12                   A57    A      1/LMO/A dear husband and father/Charles

ANDREWS/ died 6th Aug 1974/ aged 78/ Also his wire/ Ellen Sarah ANDREWS/ died 29th March 1982 aged 84 years/ So sadly missed

113                A56               A         1/L/M/O/Julia MHAIGH/Daughter or

George & Katharine GILLINGHAM/ or this Parish/ bom 29th Aug 1882/ died 24th March 1975/RIP

1                    14                   A55             A        William Hugh/PLOMMER/1922-1983/Doctor

orPhilosophy/ Fellow or Wolfson College/ Elder son/ or Winifred Mary &/ William Thomas PLOMMER/1 applied mine heart to know/ and to search and to seek out/ wisdom and the reason of things/ Ecclesiastes.

1                     15                 XII               A        Sacred TMO/Samuel BUTLER/who died Dec

26lh 1851 aged 52 years/ also of/ Mary his wife/ who died April 23,J 1867 aged 78

years/also of Charlotte Agnes ELBOURNE/grandchild of the above/aged one year 9 months.

116                A 54               A        Treasured//Memories/of Mum/Sybil

TEVERSHAM/ died I3lh May 1975/ aged 47/ Dad/Neville TEVERSHAM/ died 4th Apil 1979/ aged 56/ Forever in our thoughts

117                A53               A        ILMO/A beloved Husband and father/Henry

John DOCKERILL/ Died 22nd Sept 1975/ aged 65 years/ At Rest/ Also a dear wife/

and mother/ Olive May/ DOCKERILL/ died/ 3rd Nov 1978/ aged 68 years

1                    18                   A52             A        Our son/Simon/Douglas/PERKINS/29th

August 1981/ 6th March 1983/ Treasured Memory/ So dearly loved/ So greatly


A51                           Margaret TUCKETT

1                    19                   A50?           A        ILMO/Frederick GIFFORD/1892-1974/

Lillian Maud GIFFORD/1892- 1975/and/Audrey CLARK/1889 - 1977/Rest in Peace

120                A49a?            A        Treasured Memory of/my dear Husband/

George EASY/ Died 23rd June 1975/aged 75/ His wife/ Hilda Maria/ "Tillie'V died 1st July 1998/ aged 91/ Reunited

121                A49b              A        Peace /I I LI MO/ Violet Annie/ WESTLEY/

Who fell asleep/ October 2nd 1976/ aged 72/ So dearly loved/ so greatly mis

122                                      EW     [No insciption apparent]

123                A44                A+      ILMO/ Patrick/ Anthony GOLDEN' Died M*

May 1978/ and or his sister/ Catharine/ Theresa/ GOLDEN/ Died 12lh OCTOBER

1985/Rest in Peace

124                A43                A        I Live yet/not [igure or a human being]/but

Christ livcth in me/ Galations 2.20/ In memory of/ Joe/ Doctor John Edward

CHURCH/ 10th Aug 1899 - 29"1 Sept 1989/ and to Decima Mary CHURCH/ (nee TRACY)/His beloved wire/24th Sept 1904 - 30* March 1991/Jesus himself drew near/ and went with them/ Luke 24.15

125                                       A       jbestia et verieas/ John BOLTON CB/ 1925-

1986/1 shall but love thee better ater death

125                                       A        Stanley Gordon BRAMPTON/ bom 18* May

1922/ Died 22nd Nov 2001/ A Dearly Loved Husband, Father and Grandpa/ For many

years Verger of this Church/ Rest in Peace/ Night Passes, Day Cometh, Eternal Life

A46                           Christopher FLETCHER

A4S                          Albert GODFREY

127                A89                A ILMO/ Redvers WARREN 1902/ - 1985/ Also

of Evelyn Janet WARREN/1900-1990/ Always in our thoughts

128                A88                (flat stone)     SAM MARSH died 1987 aged 73 RIP

129                A87                A        ILMO/FrederickArthurPETERSdiedI4lh

February 1985/ aged 73/ At Rest

130                A86                A ILMO Vera Muriel BIRD/who died on 5 June

1985 aged 79 years/ At rest/ Also her husband Herbert James BIRD/ who died on 10 January/ 1993/ aged years/ Remember them

131                A85                A        ILM/O/Georgina Elizabeth/MARSH/1913-

1984/ Age 71 / Also her husband/ Horace William MARSH/ 1909 - 1998/ aged 88/ In

God's keeping

132                A84                A        V LMO/ A dear husband/ father and granddad/

Stanley WAGSTAFFE/ died   Sept 1984/ age 77 / Also a devoted wife/ mother and

nana/ Ena Kathleen died February 1990

133                A83                A        Gertrude WILSON 189?-1984

134                A82                A        Mary Ellen KEECH/1912-1984/Abiding

light/ Lovingly remembered by her husband/ children & grandchildren

135                           A81                           A        In memory of Phyllis Irene MAS CALL/ died 6th

April 1984/ at Rest/ Also/ Dennis Arthur MASCALL/ died July 1995/ reunited

136                A80                A        E(dward).W R. PETERSON 1896-1983

137                                      A        ILMO/ MARY GWYNETH/ wife, mother and

grandmother/ died May 4* 1981/ aged 74/ and her beloved husband/ GEORGE

HENRY WILLOUGHBY/ died Apil 7*1995 aged 74/ Together again

A 79                          Fred BAILEY

A 78                          MaryKEATES

138                A 77               A+      IMO/ A dear husband father/ and grandfather/

Stanley Edwin NUNN/who passed away 19* April 1981/ aged 74/ beloved by all/ Also his dearly loved wife/ Vera Baldsmith NUNN/ who passed away 29lh Jan 1998/ aged 89/ A much treasured mother/ grandmother and great grandmother/ May they rest in peace together

A76                                            Bridget KENDON

139                           A7S                           A        Andrew John RILEY/ died 21s1 January 1980/

Age 44 years/ Treasured husband and devoted father

139                           A74                           A              [Commonwealth War Grave] (Royal Fusilers

Badge) 63822 Private / W.A. HARVEY/ Royal Fusilers/ 28* October 1917/ Age 37

140                A72                A        IMO/ Frances Mary HINDLEY/ bom 24*

August 1895/ died 24'" November 1979/ Cherished wife and mother/ and of Colin HINDLEY bom 6"' July 1901/died 19* January 1981/devoted husband and father/ Rest in Peace

141                A71                A        Frank BAILEY/died 16* June 1979/ aged 42

years/ beloved husband of Christine and rather of Kathleen/ and Jessica

142                A70                EW     Ethel Joan/CULLEY/bom 1902 died 1979

George Charles Henry/CULLEY/bom 1893 died 1982

143                                       EW     STAPLES

144                X5a                A        Gertrude Eva DALE/1899 - 1989/With Joy

145                X9                  A ILMO/ Athur NEEVE/ bom 15 Sept 1893/ died

2 Dec 1965/ and of his wi fe/ Doris Mary/ bom 2 AUG 1898/ died 23 July 1996/ Thine eyes shall see the king in his beauty/

146                X8                  A        IMO/ Doris Annie HODGKINSON/ 15 October

1913 27* January 1992/ and her son/ David Roger HODGKINSON/ 29lh DECEMBER 1942 - 30,h December 1965

147                XI6                A        In ever/ loving memory of Enest Robert/

BAILEY/ who died/ 18 August 1965/ aged 55 years/ At rest


148                XI7                EW     Albet AMEY died Dec 21" 1954 aged 76 years

149                A18               A        Anna CRUTCHLEY/1873-1964/Enid Mary

CRUTCHLEY/ 1911-1990/ Rest in peace

150                A19                A        Mary Abbott MAGORIS/1898- 1964/

Margaret MAGORIS/ 1900 - 1982/ Rest in Peace

151                X10                A        Rebbecca wife of Thomas BOWTELL who died

May 19 1892 aged 73

152                X22               A        Sarah SAUNDERS formerly or Barton Mills

late ofMarylebon/bom August 12 1822/died August I 1892

153                XIO               A        I/L/MO/Ellen BOWTELL/who died March 20

1899/ aged 40 years/ Neither shall there be any more pain/ calm on the bosom of thy God/ fair spiit rest thee now/ while in thy footsteps trod/ his seal was on thy brow

154                X20                A+      Ici repose/Mady LA GESSE/Nee L'lLE

MAURICE/ le 31 Decembre 1907/ Decede a Londres/ le 9 Aout 1989

155                X20a              A        (Celtic Cross) IL/MO/ Gordon/ Cambell/


156                                      A+      Arthur James/CRUTCHLEY/ 1904- 1992

157                                       AT/ TMO/ Hetty MEDLOCK/ who after long and

patiently suffering/ died November 4.. /aged 40   [Bottom or stone eroded]

158                                      A        ILMO/Owen Herbert WAGSTAFF/A dear

husband and father/ died 8* May 1995, aged 55 years/ Also/ Nigel Owen

WAGSTAFF/ a dear son and brother/ died 29* August 1997 aged 18 years/Too dearly loved/ to be forgotten/ Now at peace in God's garden. (Ums at side of Headslone) From Kerry with love (&) For Daddy love Ben

159                A92               A        +ILM/0/A dear husband and father/Peter

Anthony/ MARSHALL/ 6.3 1928 - 5.7.1987/ RIP


160                X12               A        +ILMO/Owen CAMBRIDGE/died Jan 13*

1914/ aged 74 years/ also Charlotte his wife/ died Dec 8th 1928/ Aged 76

161                A9I                A        ILMO/A loving wife and mother/Rosemary

Jean/ SEAMAN/ Died 23 October 1988/ aged 51

162                                      A        unreadable weathered stone

163                                      A        unreadable weathered stone

164                                      FS       ELT1832

XII                            G.B. STEAD

165                                       A        R.I.P.

[On a Wooden Seat under the west side of the Church Tower]


Generally clockwise direction from North West corner of the Church Tower as far as the path that runs East/West.

166                X32                A/G    ILMO/Sarah Charlotte/wife of John

WHITECHURCH/ died Feb 9 1907/ aged 69/Also Percy May WHITECHURCH/

died Aug 31           1934/ aged 66/ also or Michael WHITECHURCH/ wire or the above/

died March 7 1935/ aged 66

167                X29                A        IMO/Edward ADAMS/died Jan 7 1892/aged


168                A93                A        ILMO/Thomas George/ BUNN/ 1906 - 1987

169                X28                E         Susan/The wife of James Brooks CLOSE/ bom

19 July 1857 died 19 Apil 1899

170                A94                A        ILMO/Nigel Andrew/HURST/died 9 August

1974/ aged 1IIA dearly loved son & brother

171                X27                E         IMO Margaret Mary BROOKS/the wire or John

Frederick EADEN/ bom at Naples Oct 21 1846/ died at Cambridge June 11 1877

172                X26                A        ILMO/Mildred Mary HURST/died Dec 12

1963 aged 66/Albert Richard HURST/ died Jan 2 1969 aged 72/ (Two flower holders inscribed) Dad & Mum/ In thy presence in fullness ofjoy

173                X24                A        RIP/Kathleen Alice/Oakshott/bom 27 April

1911/died 4 Aug 1964

X24a                          Unmarked grave ofRaymond Leggelt [On

Sunday 8 September 2002 John and Mary Haybittle told Colin Norman of the ".. unmarked grave, next to Kate Oakshou's, ofRichard Leggatt Art Adviser to Cambridgeshire County Council, who lived at Little Shelford. and died a week before Kale Oakshott. He had no known relations."]

174                X23                A        ILMO/John Will iamWIS BEY/died Aug 17

1964/ aged 88/ also his sister/ Laura Alice/ WISBEY/ died Jan 19 1973 aged 84

175                X38                GS/V  ILMO Leslie F. NUNN/1909 - 1962/ Beatrice

K. NUNN 1911 -1974

176                X39                A        ILMO/ Albert BAILEY/ died Nov 8 1962/ aged

59/ RIP/ also his loving wife/ Mary/ passed peacefully away/ 7 April 1970 aged 66

In this area the Church plan shows several burials ofwhich there is no marker:

X33                           Charles KING

X34                            [Blank]

X35                           Douglas CRUICKSHANK

X36                           Henry B BUTLER

177                X37                C         [Side 1] LMO James Edward LAW MA. for 40

years Rector of this Parish/ died Oct 25 1892/ age 64

177                                                   [Side 2] IMO Eleanor Blanche wife of James

Edmund LAW M.A./ Rector or this Parish died Apil 29"' 1886

178                                       A       ILMO/Ann Harriett eldest/daughter or the late/

Rev Henry FINCH M.A./ Rector or Little Shelord/ bom April 16 1800/died Feb4

1889/Also of/the Rev Henry FINCH M.A./brother or the above/bom Sep 17 1812/

died Dec 28 1890/ and orElizabeth sister of/ the above/ bom Dec 31 1810/ died Oct

1   1              1893

179                A95                A        Gordon/Brims Black Mclvor/SUTHERLAND/

Sc.D.F.R.S. Kl./bom Apil 8 1907/died June 27 1980

180                A96               A        Remember/Francis Thomas/BACON FRCS/

1904 - 1992/ who developed the fuel/ cell which enabled/ the Appollo Missions to/ reach the moon/ God is our God Tor ever and ever/ and his devoted wie/ Barbara/ 1905 - 2000/ also their beloved son Francis 1937 - 1960

181                X30               A        ILMO/Emma/wie or William PEVERETT/

died Nov 5 1862/ aged 44/ Also or Sarah his second wi e/ died Jan 26 1887/ aged 62/ "Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord"

182                X3I                A        STTMO/William PEVERETT/died Dec 12

1901/ aged 75/ also Frances his wie/ died Dec 24 1901/aged 72/ "With Christ which is Tar belter"

183                                      C        Robet Edgar HUGHES died Nov 6 1863 aged


184                                      A        STTMO/ Martha EW. PHIPPS/ died (March

29) 1847 aged 25 FS MEWP 1847

185                                                           A[rallen]                 S1TMO/ Elizabeth BRAZIER/ died 28

October 1828/ aged (91) daughter of H WALE Esq/ and Mary his wife/ also/ or Mary daughter of Elizabeth BRAZIER/ died July (185...)

186                           A59                           C              [S ide 1 ] IMO William Filkes HAINES/ o f the

Manor House of this village/ died April 13 1861 age 72 [Side 2] IMO Euphemia widow of/ William Filkes HAINES/ died Jan 7 1864 aged 81

187                                                            C              IMO Lieut Colonel Robert Batchelor FICKLIN/

bom at Lammas in Norfolk Jan 24 1794/ died at Little Shelford April 4 1863

188                                       C        IMO Caroline Matilda TWISS/August 21 1862/

aged 69

189                X62                A ILMO James GRANGER/ died Oct 29 1891 /

aged 51/ also Harriett his wife/ died May 20 1910 (aged ?) / "He giveth us beloved sleep"

190                                      A STTMO (badly eroded) Phoebe BERRY died

June 17 (1848) aged 72

191                                      A        Mary Augusta JENKYN/ died March 7 1886/

aged 94/ also of/ Emma Martha TWISS/ sister of the above/ bom April 7 1806/ died

(April) 9 1899

192                X64                EC      Will iam MANSFIELD died Oct 16(1864)

193                X55                E         Arthur AUSTIN/bom Oct 15 1829 died Sept 28


194                X54                E         ILMO Blanche AUSTIN/died 29 February

1885/ aged 23 "1 go to prepare a place for you"

195                X53               A STTMO/Thomas AUSTIN/ of this Parish/ died

Apil 3 1866/ aged 70/ "Watch therefore for ye know not the day nor the hour where in the Son of Man cometh"

196                X52               A STTMO/Mary the wife of/Thomas AUSTIN/

S econd daughter of the late/ Wm & Hannah CAMBRIDGE/ or Great Sheirord/ died [illegible]

197                X51               A STTMO/Emily the beloved wife/ of Stephen P

LOW/ of (Little Shelford) daughter of Thos & Mary Austin/ died (illegible)

198                X50               E         Jackie/Younger child/of/Percy M

WHITECHURCH/bom June 17 1902/died Jan 23 1904

199                X41                E[small]         Agnes

X40b                         Horatio HUDSON

200                X40a              EW     ILMO/Leanne HUDSON/died 6 May 1962

201                 [NONE M1SNUMBERED?]

202                 [NONE MISNUMBERED?]

203                X42               A Mary Ellen S EARLE/ 18 84 - 1962/ Dorothy/

SEARLE/1887 - 1975/ daughter of Dr C.E. SEARLE D.D. of Cambridge

204                X43                A ILMO/Athur William TEVERSHAM/at rest

Nov 22 1961 aged 63/ also Sybil Margaret TEVERSHAM/ at rest 1 Feb 1983/ aged


205                X44                A        ILMO/Harry ROBINSON MC./died 39 Oct

1961/ aged 68/ also his loving wife/ Mary/ passed peacefully away/16 Dec 1976/

aged 84

206                X45                A ILMO/Joan Winifred/LOCKHART/died Oct

23 1961/ aged 51/"Looking unto Jesus"X46                     Jessie PURR

207                X47                FH       Harry FREEMAN/1880-1960

208                X48                FH      Emily Jane FREEMAN 1877-1961

209                X49                C         [Side 1 ] STTMO/ Francis WESTLEY/ died June

1894/ aged 73/ "In the midst oflie we are in death" [Side 2] Also of Kezie/ widow of Francis WESTLEY/ died Oct 20 1909 aged 89/ "He giveth us beloved sleep"

210                X94                C         [Side I] IMO Frances/wife of William

WALTON/ of the Manor House in Little Shelford/ died 28 March 1898/ "Blessed are the pure in heart/ for they shall see God" [Side 2] IMO/ William WALTON/ of the Manor House Little Shelford/ bom 16 Sept 1813/ died 9 June 1901 / "Thou hast made him most blessed for ever"

211                X68                A        ILMO Robert Wilkin HOWARD/1892-1959/

Daisy HOWARD/ 1894 - 1970

212                                       A        ILMO/ Our Mother & Father/ reunited/ Bertram

MILLER 15.4.1905 - 25.12.1959/ Rosamund Alice MILLER/ 25.10.1905 - 8.8.1996

X66                           Sarah & William BRADMAN

213                X65                A IELMO/Harry William NUNN/died Sept 7

1960/aged 88/also our dear Mother/Annie Louisa NUNN/died March 15 1961/

aged 78

214                X90                A        ILMO/Alred SHARPE/died June 25 1959/

aged 57/ also/Nellie Doris SHARPE/ died Nov 21" 1971/ aged 71

X91                           Albert ACKER

215                                       EW Iris Isobel WILLIS/ died Dec 14 1953/ With the


216                X92                A        Treasured memories of/ Mary MARSH/ a

devoted wie and mother/ died Aug 23 1959/ aged 86/ also John MORTON (possibly

the Christian name - Surname MARSH according to Church plan)/ son or Mary/ a

beloved husband and ather/ "Reunited" March 16 1972

217                X98                EW     Athur William POOLEY/ bom April 2 1892/

died June 8 1958 (also Florence7)

X92                           Florne AUSTIN

218                X93                EW     Remember/ Francis Richard BACON/ died 1960

aged 22

219                X99                FH      [Side 1 ] ILMO Side 2 Betha/ Anne/ LARK1N/

died 16.4.59  [Side 2] Henry/Vivian/LARKIN/died 16.4.90 aged 89

X99a                         Cecilia POOLEY

220                X69                C        STTMO/Mary Caroline WALTON/or the

Manor House in this Parish/ bom 13 Aug 1855/ died 21 March 1917/ "The best or sisters. The truest of fiends/ on whose soul may God have mercy!

221                XIOI              A        William GALL/died March 21 1891 aged 72/

also Jane Sadler GALL (beloved wife of above)/ died March 24 1903/ aged 84

XI02                          Rev ED. HOPE SIBSON & Mary SIBSON

[Rev Sibson was the Vicar when Colin Norman married Joy DALE at All Saints on 6 June 1958.]

222                X95                EC      ILMO/The Rev Henry LATHAM M.A../

Master or Trinity Hall/ to which College and University/ he was a large benefactor/ died June 5 1902/age 81'

223                X70                E         Here sleeps in Christ Mary Frances MORISON/

bom Nov 20 1828/ died Feb 14 1907

224                X71                E         IELMO/George WEBB/died Nov 18 1908/

also Emma his wife/died Nov 8 1919/ a beloved mother/ "God grant them thine etenal rest"

225                X96                A        ILMO/William DARE/of Little Shelford/died

July 22 1895/ aged 76/ also of Eliza DARE/wife or Ihe above/ died April 7 1900/ aged 80/ "Thou shalt take thy rest in saety"

226                XI02               A        ILMO/ George DAWSON/ died Dec 9 1884/

aged 81/ also Bridget DAWSON/ his beloved wie died May 27 1891/ aged 81

FS               G.D. 1884 B.D. 1891 "Therefore be ye also ready"

227                X103              EC      Emily/Morton SWATMAN/died March 13

1896/ aged 65/ "Peace perect Peace"

228                X72                (Base or missing cross)       Howard Stanley

THOMPSON/ Lieut Colonel R.M.L.l. [e Royal Marine Light Inantry] died Aug 9*


229                X73                Efallen]           IMO/Edward Enest PYNE/Lieut

Colonel R.M.L.l./bom March 28 1848 died Aug 9* 1904

XI06                         Arthur & Helen DUNN

230                XI04               E         IMO/ John DUNN/ died April 4 1895/ aged 71/

also/ Mary Elizabeth DUNN/ died March 28 1904/ aged 72

231                XI05               E         R.I.P./Charlotte Maiden BOWEN/died May 5

1911/aged 75

232                XI35?             E         ILMO/Arthur J EVERETT/died March 21


233                XI07               A        STrMO/James LESTER/ died April 14 1870/

aged 66/ Also of Mary his wife/ died April 17 1876/ aged 75

234                XI08              A        ILMO/ John LESTER/ died Sep 24 1880/ aged

43/ Also of his three infant children/ Also of/ Susan LESTER/wife of the above/ who fell asleep in Jesus/ Sept 26 1920/ aged 78/ "Blessed are the Dead who die in the Lord from hencefoth: Yea saith the Spirit that they may rest from their labours and their works do follow them"

235                X103              A        ILMO/ John EVERETT/ died March 21 1835/

aged 80/ He was Parish Clerk of this village for 40 years/ "Altho' thou canst no longer stay/ To cheer us with thy love/ We hope to meet with thee again/ In your bright
world above

236                X?                  A        IMO/WilliamSLATER/dicdOctI6 1867/

aged 50

237                XI12              A        I LMO/ Georgina COVILL/ died Dec 13 1913/

aged 60/ Also or Amos/ beloved husband of the above/ died May 25 1935/ aged 78

237a               XI13              A [fallen]       IMO/ Jennie daughter of J M CARTER/

died Jan 15 1877/ aged 8 years & 4 months



238                XI14              A        ILRO/ Harold PRYKE/ son of Charles & Eliza

PRYKE (of Little Shelford) died April 28 1853 aged 12/ "We have missed him Oh how sadly/ We have missed him none can tell/ We have lost him heaven hath gained him/ Christ he doelh all things well"

238a               XI18              A [leaning against wall]       TTMO/Henry GAYLOR

died 15 Nov 1868/aged 51

239                 XI17              EC      TTBMO Mary Augusta GRAY died Sept 21

1870 aged 75

239a                                     G        ILMO/Edwin Trevor Septimus CARR Priest

Fellow orSt Catherine's College Cambridge 1862/"Jesu Mercy"/ Rector orthis

Parish 1893 Aged 90 At Rest July 18 1929

240                X> ?'              A ILMO/ Judy MATTHEWMAN/ bom 18 Feb

1939/died 17 June 1932

241                 A?"                           John ALTH AM/ died25Septl992/ aged 79

242                                       A         [War Graves Commission Grave] Major/ V.H.

DeB. POWELL M.C./ Canadian Field Atillery/ died 21"1 Jan 1918 age31/"Now we see/ through a glass darkly/ but then face to face" I.Cor.XIlI.12

242                X87b              A        Group Captain/ John Barrett ALTHAM C.B.E./

1909 - 2000/ Devoted husband of Elizabeth Oona/ "And think that here a loving couple lies"

242a               X???              E         Mildred/ wife of Colonel WOOD/ daughter of

Colonel WALE/died March 12 1928

243                X85                GS      Robet Desmond/POWELL/died 29.4.65/

Dorothy May POWELL/ died 9.1.80

244                X85                GS      Norah/died 16.12.75/Child of Harcourl

(Henrietta according to Church plan)/ and Cecil POWELL

245                X85                GS      Dolly/died 26.8.64/wife orBlennie POWELL

246                X85                A        IMO/Cecil Henietta POWELL/ 1854 -1929/

Fanny Lucretia WALE/1851 - 1936/ Dorothy May POWELL/ (wife of Blennie

POWELL)/1891 -/ 1964/ Robert Desmond POWELL/1892 - 1965/ Nora Cecil Wale

POWELL/ 1888 - 1975/ Dorothy May POWELL/         / (wife or Robert

POWELL)/ 1896 - 1980/ Edward Blenner Hasselt Selwyn POWELL (Blennie) 1897

- 1984/"Who lie here"/ "Requiescant in Pace"

247                X74                E/G     TTBMO/William Thomas ARNOLD/grandson

of Thomas Anold of Rugby/ Sep 18 1852 - May 29 1904/ and Henrietta his wie/ daughter of Charles Brent WALE/ Oct 4 1852 - March 6 1923

248                X78                A        Isabel!/ 1850 - 1941/ and/Jack EADEN/ 1850 -

1921/She was a granddaughter of General WALE

249                 X79                EW     John Frederick EADEN/Sept 28 1921

250                X76                GS      Fanny Anna WALE/ died/ March 6/ aged 12/

1869/ Robert G WALE/April 17 1892/aged 72

251                          X80                         Alagainst Church wall]                         IMO/The Revd Henry

FINCH/ 43 years Rector of this Parish/ son of William Finch FINCH Esq/ and Betty his wife/ He died June 23 1849/ aged 66/ also of Louisa and Catherine daughters/ of the Revd Henry FINCH & Ann his wife/ Louisa died Jan 7 1826/ aged 4/ Catherine died Oct 15 1832/ aged 13/ Ann FINCH/ died Dec 30 1870/ aged 84

252                X80                A        ILMO Isabella Martha/daughter or Gen. Sir

Charles WALE K.C.B./and wie orSherlock WILLIS M.D. born 1810 died 1893/ and of her daughter and four of her/ seven sons buied in this Church yard/ Isabella Margaret wife of I.E. EADEN bom 1847 died 1941/John ARMINE M.A. Barrister at Law bom 185 9 died 1916/ Cecil Sherlock WALE Commdr. R.N. bom 1843 died 1898/ Reginald Charles BRUCE bom 1848 died 1935/ Robet HENRY A.M.I.C.E. bom 1852 died 1929

253                X80                WT     Sacred to the much loved Memory of/

Margaretta Phillipina WALE/ died 18 March 1844 aged 91 whose ashes repose near

this spot selected by herself/ his tablet is placed in grateful rememberance    by her


254                X80                A [Against Church wall]     TTMO/ Edward George/

second son of Charles and Henrietta WALE/ or this Parish/ died Sept 25 1855/ aged

11 days/ "He shall gather the lambs with his/ arm and carry them in his bosom"

Tablets on the North Wall outside the Church

255                                       WT     Henietta WALE/3"1 Wie of/Sir Charles

WALE K.C.B/. died Nov 27 1853/ aged 67

256                                       WT     Isabella WALE/ 2nd wife of Gen Sir Charles

WALE K.C.B./ Died and was buried in Barbadoes/ Feb 27 1810 aged 32

257                                       WT     General/ Sir Charles WALE K.C.B. bom March

20 (1841)/died June 1881

258                                       WT     Louisa WALE/?1" wife orSirChs WALE

K.C.B./ died (1806)

259                                       WT     Mrs Louisa Rodolphina WALE/died July 5


260                                       WT     Thomas WALE/ died August 3 1796/

261                                       WT     [Indecipherable]

262                                       WT     Gregory WALE/ died Oct 1794/ age 34

BI6                           Ellen ROBINSON

B17                           Eliza RIDER

BI8                           Jos PAYNE

B30                           Arthur and Georgina RIDER

269                 B29               A ILMO/John Austin WISBEY/passed away

Augt 18* 1927 aged 82/ Alice WISBEY/ wie of the above/ passed away May 7'1'

1944 aged 90/ also of their daughter/ Florence Jane WISBEY passed away Sept 4*

1941 aged 63/At Rest

B25                           George A MOORE

B26                           Molly BRADMAN

B27                           Jessie WATSON

B28                            [                   ]

270                 B24                E/G I/LM/0/William Henry MOLLER/died July

19* 1924/aged 59

271                B21a              A ILMO/Our son/Peter TOOKE/stillborn/24

Sept 1983

272                 B21b              A ILMO My beloved husband/Robet William

RA YMENT/ died Nov 9 1946/ aged 72/ also of his wife/ Jane RA YMENT/ died Dec

29 1964/aged 89/"Reunited"

BI9                           Stephen and Ethel CRACKNELL


273                 B20                EC Edward Anthony BECK M.A./ Master of 1 inity

Hall 1902- 1916/bom March 21  1848/died April 12 1916/ also orEmily Mary/ wife

or the above/bom Sep 14 1852/died Nov 24 1940

B34                           Edith LORRAINE

274                 B35                EW     Ethel Mary BRIGHTSMITH/bom 1860

died 1949

275                 B36                EW     Vandeleur BRIGHTSMITH August 1863?

February 1948?

276                 B37                EW(metal plate)        ILMO/Sophia Jane HASSALL/

November 1" 1857/November 29,h 1039

277                 B22                A        1/LMO/Louise PURKIS/The beloved wie of

Richard PURKIS/ who died Nov 8* 1934/ aged 81 years/ also of Richard PURKIS/

who passed away Dec 22°d 1935/ aged 80 years/"Let me to thy bosom fly"

278                 B23                A        ILMO/ Louisa/ The beloved wie of Herbet

CARLTON/ who died Jan 7* 1930/ aged 48 years

B38                           James and Rebbecca CRA CKNELL

B39                           Sarah and A lexander FREEMAN



B40                           Robin A LARMUTH

B41                           Mungo TOPHAM SMITH

B42                           Susan HARRIS

B43                            'Nobody'

279                 B44                EW     FrederickL...  BAGNALL/          /Nov 19??

B45                           Hilda BAGNALL

B46                           Fred BAGNALL

280                 B47                EG      Oryour charity/ pray for the soul of William

Owen MAGORIS/ MRCS LRCP/ who died January 14* 19392?/ aged 71 years/ also his wi e/ Margret? Brown MAGORIS/ who died December 4* 1942/ aged 81 years

281                 B48                EG      In most Loving memory or Richard John

MARSH/ M.V.O./ bom Dec 31" 1850/ died May 20,h 1933/ also Grace his beloved

wie/ bom Oct 15* 1879/died Jan 19* 1957

282                 B49                EG Father in Thy gracious keeping/ leave we now

thy servant sleeping/ Edward ELBOURNE/ who ell asleep Nov 16* 1935/ aged 69

years/ also Annie his beloved wie/ who passed to her rest Oct 28* 1958

B50                           Ruth MEAD

283                B51                EG      ILMO/William Elijah RIVETT/who passed

away Jan 5* 1937/ aged 73 years/ also of Elizabeth Ann beloved wife of the above/

who passed away July 13* 1938/ aged 72 years

B52                            Walter and Caroline Austin DA VEY

B53                           Joshua DARE

B54                           William FREEMAN

284                 B55                EW (metal label)       George PETTIT/died May 20*

1937/aged 74 years

285                 B56                EW (metal label)       Betha PETTIT/beloved wie or

George PETTIT/died February 12* 1936 aged 73 years

286                 B57                Gfsunken]      IELMO/Mary Ann ORRIS who died

April 8* 1935 aged 64 years/..... also or Walter ORRIS who died Dec 4* 1945 aged

75 years


287                 B87/88           EW     I/L/MO/Matha MARSH/died April 23 1937

aged 56 years/ Seek yc irst the Kingdom or God. FB/FH March ... MARSH died 1937 aged 54

288                 B89                EW     ILMO/William Fred MARSH/died Nov 8*

195 7 aged 83 years/ "The labourer's task is o' er'7 Also his/ grand daughter/ Jane

NORR1S (nee PEARMAN bom 13.6.1952/died 23.4.98/Always in our/thoughts

RIP   FS/EH RIP Fred MARSH died..... 1987/and his daughter/June MARSH died

1973? RIP

077                           Ben and Peter P UMFREY

289                 B78                G/FH   ILMO Gilbert Frederic PUMFREY died January

14* 1939 aged 63 years/ Sweet is the ragrance or rememberance

290                 B7I                EW     ILMO/ Violet Elizabeth H? MORLEY/ bom...0/

died ...4

B70                           Alice OLIVER

B72                            William RIDER

B73                           Ann Davies (RIDER)

B74                           Laura J CHA TTERS

B7S                           Mark CHATTERS

B76                           Emily PEARL

291                 B69                G        ILMO/Joseph John WALKER/died 4 Sept

1946/ aged 71 years/ his devoted wie Emma/ died 13 Oct 1964/ aged 81 years/ their

beloved son/ Eic Edward WALKER/ died 24 March 1942/ aged 30 years/ their

beloved daughter Joyce Muriel ARBER/ died 9 March 1992

292                 B                    E         [Overgrown by rose bush]

293                 B64                E         Pysche SHEFFIELD

294                B62/63           A        In memorium/ Reginald WILLIS/ son or

Sherlock WILLIS and Isabella WALE/ 1848 - 1935/ Adelaide/ daughter of Captain Frederick WALE/and Adelaide PROST/ 1851 - 1944/buried at Ballater/their
children/Major Frederick WALE WILLIS RA. 1882 - 1963/ Cynthia 1890- 1940/ Isabel 1885- 1953 Doris 1887 - 1970/Florella 1883 - 1977/wife of George
SHEFFIELD/ Recquiescant in Pace

B82                           Fionella ALTHAM

B83                           Isobella WILLIS

B84                           Ernest SPARKES

295                B85                A G     ILMO/ James ANDREWS/ bom May 18* 1869/

died February 10* 1945/ also/ his beloved wie/ Mary/ died June 20* 1957/ aged 86


B86                           Kathleen MOULTON

B87                           E MARTIN and John MARTIN

296                 B                    EW     Reuben            /died          Aged 82? Years

B88                           Herbert C Contance STEARN

297                 B89                EW     IMO/(Alfred) William MARCH/died May 24

1944/aged 62

B90                           Kate WINSON

298                 B91                AG     1/LMO/King William FLETCHER/departed

this lie January 30* 1943/aged 79 years/ Come unto me yea weary and I will give

you rest/ Also Alice Elizabeth FLETCHER/ died October 22nd 1945/ aged 78 years/

Rest in Peace

299                 B92                G        ILMO/Dora Ellen BAILEY who died 26*

September aged 25 years/ In the midst of life we are in death/ Also of Sarah BAILEY

who died 13   January 1958 aged 81 years

B100                         Ernest SMITH

299a               B99                A        ILMO Frederick John/HOLDER/died Sep (4)

1931/Aged (62)

B98                           Agnes HOLDER

B96/97                       Thomas and Ellen PLUMB

B95                           George LACY

B94                                          HagarLACEY

B93                                          Edward DARE


300a               B117              A/G    1/LMO/Our dear sons and brother/Cyril

Reginald TAYLOR/ died February I 1925/ aged 18 years/ "Be thou faithtil unto

death/ and 1 will give you a crown of life"/ William Frederic TAYLOR/ Killed in

Action May 2 1915/ at Zillebeck, Yprcs, France/ aged 18 years" Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his lie for his fiends

300b               B1I6              G        ILMO/Sarah TAYLOR/bom April 12*     /

Smith TAYLOR/died April 27* 1962              WIN died Apil 8* 1939 Aged 69


B115                         Joshua DICKERSON

301                Bl 14              G        ILMO/ Edward MOORE died 14* March 1939

age 75 years/ also Sarah MOORE died March 21s4 1947 aged 83 years

302                B113              A/G    [War Graves Commission Stone - Irish Guards

Badge] 2723861 Guardsman/ D.R. POOLEY/ Irish Guards 18* May 1945 age 22/

Derek dearly loved son of Cecilia Mary/ and Arthur William POOLFY

BI12                          Ernest SMITH

BUI                           SMITH

B110                         Herbert STEARN

303                BI09               EW Ellen WEDD(or WEBB7)' bom August 8 1873/

died Jan 29 1953

BI08                          John CLARK

B107                         John GILL

BI06                          Fanny GILL

304                BIOS             EW     Thomas John/HOCKLIFf-H/died Jan 20* 1963/

aged 91 years/ ILM Thomas John HOCKLIFFE/ died Jan 4* 2000/ aged 94 years

305                BI04               EW     Anne Jane HOCKLIFFE/ died Mar 5* 1954/

aged 81 years/ ILM    Edith HOCKLIFFE/ died Feb 18* 1962/ aged 64 years

306                 B103              A/G Judith Ann/ SHAKESPEAR/ Dear daughter of

Sir Geofry/ and Lady SHAKESPEAR/ bom May 9* 1937/ died Oct 31" 1949/ In thy presence is the fullness of Joy

307                B102              A/E     To the beloved memory/ or John Duncan

METIERS/ bom Sept 1893/ died March 1947/ also beloved wie/ Miriam Blanche ME1TERS/ later HUNTER' bom 10 April 1893/ diedl 9 June 1987/ [On a slab] In

affectionate rememberance/ Herbet HUNTER DSc/ bom Stockton on Tees/ 6 Dec 1882/ died 21 Feb 195 9/ and Rose HUNTER bom Kansas City US A/10 Set 1884/ died 2 Aug 1945

308                BIO!              EW William Garrett ECCLESTONE/18* August

1859-9* Aug 1945/Ann Ellen ECCLESTONE/21" Sept 1870-4* Nov 1954

309                 BUS              A         I/LMO/Betram Maurice/GOODWIN/died 9*

Feb 1956/ aged 68/ also his wife/ Gladys Elsie/ GOODWIN/ Reunited 6* July 1983/

aged 93/ Thy will be done

BI09                          Sydney ROGERS

B120                         Leslie MARSHALL

310                BI20/121        A+      ILMO/Hannah Maria EASY/died Oct 15*

1955 aged 86/ also George her dear husband/ died Feb 29* 1960 aged 93/ and

Reginald/ their beloved son/ died Dec I" 1970 aged 75/ Alice Maud MARSHALL/

died Dec 11* 1993 aged 95

B122                         Charles H MARSHALL

B123                         Eli: Rose and Fred C CAME

B124                         Cecilia Charlotte CLARK

311                B125              G/FH  ILMO/Devoted husband and father/Henry

DARLOW died 29* July 1953 aged 56 years/ In God's keeping [More on south side

needs uncovering]

B126 [Blank]

312                B127              A        1/LM/O Malcolm Arthur ELBOURNE/who

fell asleep Jan 10 1953/aged 54 years/also/Nellie/his wie/who died on/ October

12* 1993/aged 94

B128                         AfredMOORE

313                B129              A I/LMO/Basil BIRD/died 13* July 1949/aged

66 years/ and or his wie/ Elizabeth BIRD/ died 29* May 1967/ aged 84 years/ RIP

B130                         Emma KIRKHAM

314                BI31   A [Kneeling angel]                Peter NUNN/Called by the

Angels/ 5* June 1947/ aged 5A years/ Greatly loved

315                B132              OB/G Vera LEWIN [Charles & Fanny LEWIN rest in

the area]

316                 B133&B134G          ILMO/Sarah Ann JENNINGS died Dec 20

1922 Aged 63/ Also John JENNINGS died Feb 9 1929 Aged 76/ Also Francis John

POOLEY died Feb 10 1929 Aged 39/ Also Elizabeth Ann POOLEY died May 21

1929 Aged 76

B1S0                         Beatrice BUTLER

317a               B151              G        [Overgrown - could be William BUTLER &


317b              B152              G        IELMO/Emma Elizabeth the dearly beloved

wife of Charles Philip BUTLER who passed away peacefully Aug 28* 1922 aged 76/ also of Charles Philip BUTLER bom June T 1849 died Aug 21l 1930/ "Death
divides but memory clings"

318                BI49               A        ILM/ 0/ My dear husband/ Barry ROBINSON/

who passed away/ March 22nd 1934/ aged 65 years/ also Edith Emma/ wie of the above/ who passed away May 16* 1939/ aged 62 years

319                 BI48              A        In ever loving memory of my beloved husband/

Albet James GIGGLE/ who passed away at Stornoway/ Oct 4* 1936/ aged 54 years/ also our dear mother/ Annie/ wife of the above/ died died Dec 13th 1962/aged 85 years

320                B147              A        In tender memory of our only beloved daughter/

Freda Margaret WALKER/ who died June 9* 1936/ aged 21 years/ Waiting in

Paradise/ Harold Percy WALKER/ who died June 28* 1942/ aged 64 years/ also his

loving wife/ Daisy WALKER/ who died June 20* 1984/ aged 87 years

321                B144/145       A I/LM/0/Frederick George DAVEY/died 30*

August 1949/aged 58 years/Mary Lily Elizabeth DAVEY/ir March 1973 aged 77


B146                         ?Fred AUSTIN

BI43                          Florence BULLETT

B142                         Edgar BULLETT

B14I                         Jennie MARSH

B137                         Connie and Joseph C HITT

B138                         Ellen Acker

B139                         DavieJR Acker

322                BI40               GV      Abide with me/ Treasured memory of a devoted

husband Nathan Charles HACKER who died Oct 14* 1954 aged 59? Years/ Also

Florence Bertha HACKER who died June 19*? 1968 aged 76 years

323a               B136              GV      ILMO/Annie HUDSON/who passed away on

4* May 1947 [was overgrown - needed spade work]

323b'              V+                             [???]

3 24               BI35                          I/LMO/ Our dear mother/ Ethel Catharine /

BEEBE/ died 17 March 1958 aged 68 years/ and of our dear father/ Samuel BEEBE/

died 17 July 1959/ aged 68 years

325a               B153              G        ILMO/A devoted husband and father/

Benjamine Covill DOCKERILL died Feb 6* 1956 aged 74 years/ loved and/

remembered always/ also Florence DOCKERILL who died 4th Jan 1976 aged 87


325b              BI54               G        [Overgrown] IClara and Mary DOCKERILL

326a               B155              AG      l/ELMO/ Joseph Edward FORDHAM/ BORN

Sept 28* 1859/ died Feb 4* 1945/ Now my labours have an end/ may I thy joys now

see/ Also his loving wife/ Violet Grace/ bom Aug 4* 1886/ died Oct 14*? 1978/

Reunited [&U]

326b              B156              G        ILMO/ Martha Ann ROGERS who passed away

December 13* 1947

B157                         Fred JMASCALL

B158                         Adeie TOPHAM

B159                         Henry BA YON

B160                         Annie GLASCOCK

327                 B161              OB      Cherished/Memories of a/dear husband/and

father/ Alfred NORMAN/ who entered/ into rest/ February 7* 1949/ aged 74 years/ At

rest/ Also cherished memories of Florence/ Jennelte/ beloved wife of Alfred

NORMAN/ died March 12* 1951/ aged 76 years/ In Paradise

328                 B162              A        I/LMO/ Our dear parents/ Annie GODFREY/

died May 27* 1948/ aged 68 years/ aged 68 years/ also/Albert George/ GODFREY/

died February 27* 1959/ aged 83 years

Bl 63                         James and Mary' Ann DICKERSON

329                BI64               A        Loving memory of Edward PEARL died

February 23 1946 aged 57/ Zillah PEARL died January 25 1958 aged 71

BI65                         Afred CHATTERS

330                 BI66               OB      1/LM/0/Albet Edward/TABNER/who died

August 16* 1933/ aged 61 years/ The love of God/ passeth all/ understanding

331                 B167              A        ILMO/ Emily Maud ELLUM/ who died Dec 1°

1930 aged 51 years/ Not just today but every day we remember

332                                       G        ILMO/ Our dear Father and Mother/ William

ELLUM who died Feb 3 rd 1921 aged 65 years/ With Christ which is far belter/ and his

beloved wife Ellen who died April 26* 1922 aged 67 years

B185                         PLUMB

B184                         MATTHEWS

333                 B183              A        To the dear memory / of George Frederick

Garfield GILL? June ...1870?... Apil 19... /Edward..... /Mar...

BI82                          [blank]

B181                         Eliza HALL

BI80                          Fred and Esther GR1STWOOD

B179                         Pharoh ACKER

B178                         Ann HACKER

BI77                          Agnes CARTER

B176                         RamardANDREWS

B175                         John and Kath GARNER

B174 [blank]

B173                                          Bernard CLAY

B172 B171 B170 B169

334                 B200a            A        l/L/MO Charles John/WESTLEY/Who fell

asleep/ March 9m 1954/ aged 65/ so dearly loved/ So greatly missed

335                 B214              1/E      I/L/M/O Beris/The beloved eldest child of F

WARD and Cen? BUR'I'ON FANNING/ who entered into etenal life/ October 21

1916/ while nursing/ at the/ First/ Eastern/ General/ Hospital/ Cambridge/ Member of VAD64/ Norwich.

336                B213              G In loving remembrance of Henry LARKIN who

passed away Novr 9* 1918/ Peace Perfect Peace/ Also of CHARLOITE his wife who died March 26* 1951

337                 B212              E/C on 3xplinth         1/LM/0 my beloved husband/

James THOMPSON/ died 7* February 1919/ In the midst of life we are in death/ Also of Margaret Brack Russell/ THOMPSON/ died June 4* 1930(or 6)/ aged 73 years

338                 B211              A        I/LM/O Francis LITCFIFIELD/who died 31"

July 1919/ aged 54 years/ also his wife/ Elizabeth LITCHFIELD/ who died 4* Dec 1952/ aged 84 years

339                 B194              G ILMO Math TOWNSEND died Nov 3 1924

aged 71 years/ Forever with the Lord/ Thomas TOWNSEND March 13 1947/ aged

88? Years

340                 B193              EW ILMO/Reuben GOAT/died March 2nd 1985/

aged 68 years/ God is love

BI92                          Elizabeth GOAT

341                 B210              A         1/ MO/ Lois Ann/ The dearly loved wife of

Charles LOFTS/ who died Apil 20 1920/ in her 79* year/Just gone from us a little

while/ our loved one in God's keeping/ Charles LOFTS/ bom February 8 1841/

passed on August 17 1933

342                 B209              A        I/L/MO William ROGERS/died Nov 14*

1921/ agedvb76 years/ Content to live, yet not afraid to die/ Also of/ Mary Ann

ROGERS/ beloved wife of the above/ died Feb 17* 1937/ aged 90 years/ "Until the

day break/ and the shadows lee away"

B208                         George and Stanley HARRIS

B207                         Mary Ann JA CKSON

B206                         George JACKSON

B205                         Ellen ATTERSLY

B204                         Elija HONES

B203                         Charlotte WILKINSON

343                 B190              A        I/LMO/William MEADOWS/who died April

15* 1931/ aged 82 years/ "Until the day break"/ Also of Sarah Jane/ wie of the above who died March 8* 1936 aged 87 years/ Also Enest MEADOWS younger son of the above/ killed on active service in France April 1917

344                 B189              G        ILMO/ Arthur MEADOWS who died Sept 17

1954 Aged 66/ and Bertha MEADOWS who died Dec 31 I960 Aged 73

345a                                     G        ILMO John GREEN died Sep 19 1937 Age 76/

Also of his wife Kate Emma died July 18 1937 Age 77

345                                       E         IL/MO The CLAY/family/Charles Felix/

1861      - 1947/Ethel Rose/1867- 1931/ Anne Carola// 1906- 1978

346                 B189              A 2xPlinth     1/ LM/ O Bamar Augustine CLAY/ bom

Dec 3,J 1886 died Oct 4* 1939/ Rest in Peace

347                B157              A        +IMO/Arthur f-rederick/MASCALL/17™

August 1934/ also Victoria May MASCALL/ died 27* February 1950/ Reunited (+ on um)

348                 ??»                 GS Sacred to the memory of Thomas William

WATSON/of Neilsland. Hamilton/ Scotland/ bom 31" October 1864/ died 23,d

March 1935/ and of Lucy his wife/ bom 1" July 1867/ died July 2nd 1947

349                B188              A        ILMO/ Walter DOCKERILL and Mary Ann

who died May 26* 1921 / aged 68 years/ Also of Fred Rayner DOCKERILL/ the

beloved son of the above/ who died September 17* 1928' aged 33 years/ Rest in the


B201                         Harriett BARBER

B201A                      MOWLAM7

350                B202              EW     Albet A. CARTER/died/14*Nov 1918

1980s Extension

351                 CIA               EW     Arthur Kennedy DORMAN

352                C1B               A        Percy George/WALKER/1962-1985/Our love

always/ Mum and Dad

353                 C2                  A        LM/Alistair George/Henry SAMUEL/died

March 4* 1987/ aged 65/ Also his wie/ Dora Mabel/ died March 30* 1992 aged 90

354                 C3                  A        IMO/Anthony George John/BAILEY/Father

of Claire and Suzanne/ 1945 - 1987 (and Um ILM)

355                C.4                 A        IM/Cyril Alred/LOCK BROWN/24* January

1904/16* January 1989/ A devoted and loving husband

356                 C6                  A IMO/Claice NEWSAM/beloved mother and

grandmother/ died 29* December 1989/ aged 78 years/ Ernest NEWSAM/ beloved ather and grandather/ died 4* February 1984/ aged 87 years

357                            C7                             EW           10* February 1936/ Gerald J MARSH/ 23rd May


358                C8                  A        I/LMO/Grace GOODWIN/1916-1992/God

has you in His keeping/ We have you in our heats

359                 C9                  A        I/LMO/Jack CROSSAN/1930- 1993/

Beloved husband and ather/ Till a' the seas gang dry, my dear,/ and all the rocks melt in the sun!/ And I will luv thee still, my dear,/ While the sands o' life shall run

360                CIO                A        I/LMO/Catherine Mary ROUCH/A dear wie

and mother/ who died 2nd November 1993/ aged 76 years/Rcquiescat In Pace/And her husband Leslie David ROUCH/ dearest ather/ who died 12* October 1995/ aged 81 years/ In Paradisum/ Dedcante Te Angeli

361                C15                A        ILMO/A dear husband/and father/Christopher

Ian Burton/ COX/ bom 26-5-1934/ died 18-7-1996

362                            C14                           A              1/ U MO/ Wayne J LANGLEY/ died/ 7.3* June

1996/ aged 17/ A dear son and brother/ So dearly loved/ So greatly missed


363                            C13                           A               [Regimental Badge of the Royal Green Jackets]

ILMO/ Dereck Hugh/ MORRIS/ died 11* December 1994/aged 79/ Reunited with his loving wife Doris

364                C12                A        Cherished memories/ofa dear/husband, ather/

and grandather/ Gordon Sawood NOTTAGE/who passed away/ 2nd December 1994 aged 62/ "Loving and kind in all his ways, upright and just to the end of his days/ Sincere and true in heart and mind. A beautiful memory left behind"

365                C1I                 A        Josephine PEARL also Mick PEARL/29* April

1918/16* March 2002/ "Dearly loved/ Greatly missed"

366                 C21                A        Janet Winifred PLOMMER/ 193 0 - 1999 "I

heard the voice of Jesus say come unto me and rest"

367                                       A        1/LMO/+ A much loved husband/Bertram

James 'Mick'/ MARSH/ 1916 -1988/ Love forever

368                                       A        I/LMO Edward Charles FULLER 1911-1998

369                                       A Gladys HATTER/17-9- 1924/2-4- 1997/

"In God's keeping now/ In our hearts always/ The Lord is my shepherd"

370                                                              A               1/ LMO/ Mark James/ TA YLOR/ bom 29* April

1968/ Died 2nd November 2001/ aged 33/ Always in our thoughts

371     C23                           A ILMO/Ian Peler SMITH/17* January 1967/

31s1 October 2000/ "Out of the strong came forth sweetness" FS For my friend Big Ian/ Rob/ Historic Route 66


Little Shelford All Saints Church Mis inside the Church


Chancel -South Side


372           Stone wall tablet to Richard MANNING, Rector died April 23 1709 aged 63. Also Susanna MANNING died December 1680( Latin inscription transcribed by Alan Bull winkle)


In memory ofSusanna the beloved
     Wfe ofRichard MANNING

Rector of this Church

Died (alasprematurely) December

15 1680 in her 23n'year

In memory ofRichard MANNING
        Rector of this Church

Who lies near by

Died April 23 1719 in his 63rd year

373           Memorial Brass lo John Cate, Rector, died 1445

Chancel - North Side

374           De Frevillc stone efigy with inscription in Old French over the tomb

(Transciption on last page) Inscription over de Frevile tomb, (Old French transcribed by Alan Bullwinkle)

"Here lies Sir John de Frrvile

Who was Lord of this lownYou who pass here
            By your charity prayfor his soul"



Nave North side

Brass Plate


375           This seat and side chapel belong to the Lords of this Manor heretofore the De FREV1LLES Esq - afterwards John BANKES Esq, deceased, and now Priscilla
BANKS his widow in whom for her time the said Lordship is, at whose charge this inscribed plate was ixed here for testimony A.D. MDCXXI

376                                                              War Memorial 1914-1918

John ANDREWS Gloucestershire Rgt
       Arthur AUSTIN Canadians

Richard CARTER Northants Rgt

Charles CRAKNELL Seafoth Highlanders
          Walter DARCY Suffolk Rgt

Frederick DRIVER Cambridgeshire Rgt
          John GOODWIN Royal Navy
      Jesse GODFRY Suffolk Rgt
William HARVEY Royal Fussileers Ernest MEADOWS Suffolk Hussars
      Frederick PEARL Suffolk Rgt

Sidney PEARL Suffolk Rgt

William TAYLOR Kings Own Lanes Rgt

377                                                              War Memorial 1939-1945


Dora Ellen BAILEY N.A.A.F.I.

Victor George FROSTE 141 Rgt R.AC. Mostyn William OLIVER F/O R.A.F
     Percy John NEAVES R.A.M.C. Derek Arthur POOLEY Iish Guards

Stone Tablet


378           In happy memory of John PARES WILSON M.C. 1897-1957 of the Manor House, Church Warden 1954-1957. "My soul hath longed for thy salvation and I have a good hope because of your word."


379           To the glory of God this window was dedicated and in pious memory of our honoured parents Alex Malcolm WALE B.D. of this parish late Fellow of St Johns College Cam. and for 53 years vicar of Sunninghill Berks b May 12 1797 d May 26 1884 and Barbara Mary Caroline WALE b Oct 30 1800 d Aug 23 1867. They rest together in Sunninghill Churchyard. "Until the day breaks and the shadows flee away".

Flat Oval stone tablet


380           Arthur AUSTIN elder son of Thomas, the eldest son of Daniel AUSTIN of this place who was the eldest son of William AUSTIN of Great Shelford. He was a Churchwarden of this Church for over thity years. Died 1907 aged 78. He married Harriet (daughter of Thomas ROBINSON of Over.) She died Apil 1914 aged 73.


"Honour thy father and mother that thy days may be long in the land which the Lord
                                              My God giveth thee "

North side of Nave

The Pulpit

[Removal and Restoration in December 1951. A shot history of the pulpit is set out on a detachable wooden plaque together with the following inscription]


381           "In loving memory of Isa EADEN; William Garrett ECCLESTONE; Annie HUDSON; Psyche SHEFFIELD; Kate Mary SQUIRES; Percy John SQUIRES; Fanny WALE.

Wooden Memorial Tablet behind the pulpit

382             They ofered themselves willingly among the people and came to the help of the Lord against the mighty" Judges Chap 5 v 9."

To the Glory of God and in Memory of Major H.V. de B. POWELL M.C. bom

January 23 1886. Educated at Highgate School and Keble College Oxford where he received an Honours degree. At the outbreak of the War in 1914 he was Second
Master at Appleby School Oakville Canada. He was commissioned in the Canadian Field Atillery and promoted Captain at the front in 1916. He fought at Ypres and at the Battle of the Somme; he was wounded and received the Military Cross for
conspicuous gallantry in action. In September 1917 he returned to France as Major of the 3 rd Battery C.F.A. 13* Brigade. He was wounded in October and recommended

for further honours having saved many lives by extinguishing a fire in a gun pit. On December 7th 1917 he was again severely wounded by an explosion and was sent to England where he died on January 2nd 1918 from the effects of shell shock and
multiple wounds. He was buried in this churchyard on January 6 1918. He was a soldier of earless and upright character and of charming personality; appreciated by all who knew him, he was called by his men "our beloved Major".

Small brasses on the high back of a family new

383     Fanny Lucretia WALE, eldest daughter of Col. R.G. WALE died 1936 aged


384           LLMO Cecie Henrietta POWELL, third daughter or Col. R.G. WALE, the widow or Rev. Harcourt POWELL d January 3 1929 aged 74.

384a   Fanny Anne WALE, only child of Sir Edward WEST, Chief Justice of Bombay, wie of Robert Gregory WALE J.P., D.L., she died 1869 aged 42.

385           Robert Gregory WALE J.P., D.L., of Little Shelford late Captain «rd (Duke of Wellington's) Regt and Hon Col 4* Bait Sufolk Regt d April 17 1892 Aged 72

386     ILMO Nora Ceci 1 WALE POWELL daughter of Cecil Henrietta POWELL

died December 16 1975 aged 87.

387     Robert Ffolkes POWELL Captain 4* Bait Suffolk Regt died September 1894

aged 31.

388     Frederica WALE youngest daughter of Col RG. WALE died 1918 aged 59.

night Superintendent of the American Kaglc Hut Canteen, London.

389     Mildred WOOD, wie or Cot. T WOOD, daughter or Col. R.G. WALE died

1928 aged 76.

Wood Plaque

390     To the dear memory of the five daughters of General Sir Charles WALE


Isabel Martha wife of Sherlock WILLIS Henrietta Bridget wife of Martin FFOLKES Louisa Fanny wife of Rev de la TOUCHE Augusta Caroline wife of Richard DILL M.D.

Cecil Marianne wife of Rev C. LA URENCE

Wood Plaque

391           In memory of Lt. Col. Sherlock George Ramsay WILLIS D.S.O., R.A. Churchwarden 1937-1952, died March l" 1953 aged 75

Marble Plaque

392           ILMO Ernest Edward MEADOWS L/Cpl 1/4 Suffolk Rgt late of the Suffolk Yeomanry. Killed in action near Arras April 23 1917 aged 25. Dearly loved younger Son of W & J MEADOWS of Rectory Farm in this parish

Stone Plaque (high up on the wall and a small window)


393           To the glory of God and in affectionate remembrance of Henry John WALE M.A., late Rector of Folks woth Hunts died March 14th 1892 aged 64. The window above is erected by his widow.

Marble Plaque with flags, elephant & sword

394           Captain Frederick WALE, 6* son of Gen. Sir Charles WALE K.C.B., killed before Lucknow March 1858 aged 35. His remains are laid in the Moosah Hagh of that City. He served as Adjutant of the 48* Bengal Native Infantry throughout the Sutledge Campaign of 1846 where he was severely wounded. He next served as
Brigade Major at Peshwar and during the Mutiny in India he was appointed to raise and command the Is' Sikh Irregular Cavalry with which he proceeded to Lucknow and there fell at the head of his regiment whilst in pursuit of the enemy.

He let a widow and two daughters by whom this tablet is raised in his memory.

Also to the beloved memory or Adelaide WALE his widow who died at Ealing March 11 1914 and was buried at Kingston-on-Thames aged 83.

395     ILMO Minna Caroline, daughter or Captain and Mrs F. WALE and widow or

Col. R.G SWAYNE MARSHALL R.A died Sept 4* 1929 aged 76. Buried at Milford-on-Sea Hants.

396           (Appended) Reginald Charles Bruce WILLIS, son or Sherlock WILLIS, died Jan 21" 1931 at Ealing and his wife Adelaide Henrietta (WALE) died at Ballater June 27*1944.

Marble Tablet

397           Sacred to the Memory of Mary PEMBERTON, youngest daughter of the late Thomas WALE Esq and relict of the Rev Thomas PEMBERTON, Rector of
Taughboyne Ireland, died MDCCCXXX aged LXX1V.



398           Sacred to the Memory of Thomas WALE Esq Woth like this man's scons the aid of Flattery. A kind and affectionate Husband & Father. A irm Fiend of
unbounded hospitality & benevolence with a heat alive to the call of Distress and in which there is no guile. Amiable, Pleasant, Courteous. No man's enemy, no man his. Summoned hence July 29* 1796 aged 95 years. In humble hope of experiencing that mercy in ihe next world which he never failed to show in this. He had two daughters Margaretta and Mary & one son Charles by whom this monument was erected at once the Tribute of their afection and the Memorial of their loss. Also to the memory of Louisa Rudolphina, wife of Ihe said Thomas WALE who died June 26* 1776 aged 52 years and Gregory their eldest son who died Oct 7* 1794 aged 34 years. The remains of the above Persons lie interred in ihe Family Vault near the churchyard on the S side.

Marble Tablet matching that lo her sister Mary PEMBERTON

399          Margaretta Phillippina WALE, eldest daughter of ihe late Thomas WALE

died 1841 aged 91.

Onamented marble cartouche - very high up.


400           Here lyeth Gregory WALE Esq who died June 1739 aged 70. He was the eldest son of Thomas WALE of Little Bardingield in Essex. The said Gregory let issue by Margaret SPARK his first wife Thomas WALE, Merchant, and Margaret the wife of Mr Alan HURRELL and by Elizabeth HITCH his second wie Hitch WALE.

Large Marble Tablet

401           Sacred to Ihe memory or Gen Sir Charles WALE K.C.B. Col H.M. 35 Regl of Foot born Aug 1765 d March 1845 aged 81 years. He was the youngest son of
Thomas WALE Esq of this Parish. He entered the army in 1799 and served at the siege and bombardment of Gibraltar by the French and Spanish in 1781 -82-83 and subsequently in Holland, Ireland and India. As Brigadier General in the West Indies in Feb 1810. at the head of his Brigade the Roy al York Rangers, he carried in person the almost inaccessible ramparts of Mantuaba for which service in which he was seriously wounded he received a medal and was made Governor or Martinique till the year

1817 when for his services during the War he was made Kt. Commander of the Bath.

True to the device and motto of his ancestors he displayed in Bold relief the courage and energy of a soldier grounded in the humility and thankfulness of a Christian whose only shield and hope is Salvation by the cross.

Sir Charles WALE was thrice married Firstly to Louisa daughter of the Rev Castet

SHERARD by whom he had issue 5 children, Thomas Sherard who died unmarried at Surinam 1821; Charles and Philip Newton and Louisa who died in infancy and
Alexander Malcolm Vicar of Sunninghill Berks, who in 1835 married Caroline
ANDRIGNETTI and had issue 4 daughters. The said Louisa died at Shelford 1806.


Secondly in 1808 to Isabella daughter of the Rev Geo. JOHNSON B.D. pretend of Lincoln and had issue Isabella Martha married in 1834 to Sherlock WILLIS Esq. The above named Isabella died at Barbados 1810.


Thirdly in 1815 Henrielta daughter and coheiress of the Rev Thos. BRENT by whom he had 6 sons Cha. Brent born1817, Robert Gregory 1820, George Henry and
Frederick twins born at Geneva 1822 Arthur 1823 and Henry John 1827 and 4

402                            Brass To the dear memory or Charles Brent WA1 ,E, son of the late

General Charles WALE K.C.B., died at Montreux, Switzerland May 9 1869 aged 46. Also of his eldest son Charles Richard Whately WALE died at Florence Italy April 5 1879 aged 25. "The memory of the just is blessed

403                To the beloved memory of Rev Frederick Edward Bennet WALE M.A.

Vicar of Holy Trinity Shrewsbury, younger son of Charles Brent WALE of Little Shelford bom at Montreux July 3 1908 leaving one son.

404                 In Memoriam Sherlock WILLIS Esq died May 23 1873 aged 78 buried

at Swindon Gloucestershire.

Marble Tablet

405                In loving memory of the grandsons and great grandsons of Gen WALE

who gave their lives for their country in the Great War.

Richard Marcus Gordon DILL C.A. Aged 56

Edward Arnold Frederick ALLEN R.Fus Aged 22

Lionel Raymond Whately ALLEN S.Wales Bord. Aged 22
        Richard William JENNINGS Wore R.Aged 27
        Richard Frederick MOORE Rif. Bng.Aged 29
Vemon Harcout de BITTS POWELL C.F.A. Aged 32

Hugh Duberly WILLIS RA.M.C. Aged 36 Sherlock Aniyas WILLIS Middx R. Aged 24

North Nave Window

406           To the glory oF God and in loving memory of Rev A.J. WALE. Erected by his widow and children. Also in memory of Arthur Campbell WALE brother of the above died May 30* 1892 aged 67.


407           Loving memory of Fanny Anna WALE wife of Robert Gregory WALE died March 8* 1869. This window painted by her daughters 1876. Inscribed on the
window are the following names-


Louisa first wife of Charles WALE 1806 Thomas Commissioner of Surinam 1881
                Margaretta 1841

Henrietta wife of Martin FOLKES 1886
   Isabella wife of Charles WALE 1858 Mary wfe of Thomas PEMBERTON 1880
   General Sir Charles WALE 1845 Henrietta wfe of Charles WALE 1858

Blanche wife of George WALE I860 Caroline wfe of Malcolm 1867

Anna wife of Robert Gregory WALE 1869 Frederick 1" Sikh Irregular Cavalry 1858
                    Charles I8607

George Canadian R.A. 1870

De Freville Chapel - West Wall Stone Plaques


408            Beneath this place are deposited the mortal remains of Elizabeth INGLE of Sible Hedingham in the County of Essex who departed this lie June 23rd

409           To the memory o r S arah TODD (relict or R. P. TODD Esq) of Sturmer Hall in Ihe County of Essex who died MDCCCXXIV aged 57


410     William INGLE Esq who died 1767 aged 50. He was an affectionate husband, a tender parent and a benevolent friend in memory of whom his widow has erected this monument.

Also Sarah INGLE his daughter died March 5 1765 aged 4

Also Elizabeth INGLE his wife died November 4 1813 aged 86 years

411           In memory or William Finch FINCH Esq., eldest son of William INGLE who diedMarch31 1826 aged 69 years. Also of Betty his wife who died November 27 1845 aged 87 years. Also of Samuel John FINCH M.A. Trinity College, their son, who died November 30* 1826 aged 39.

412           To the memory or a lamented husband the Revd Samuel INGLE Rector of this parish who died October 13* 1794 aged 33. This monument was erected by his
affectionate widow.



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